Little Ronin This is Little Ronin. He’s been magnified for the good of everyone’s eyes. Little Ronin is originally a little more than 6mm tall, depending on his hair that day. He loves sushi – and once got into a fight because of it. Little Ronin is a pretty easy guy to get along with – as we can see from his many different friends.

He is closest to Pretty Geisha, and no there’s no love involved. Big Samurai is also a good friend but only after testing trails. He loves animals as well and has a pet koi, Koi. His skills are as yet undocumented but has indication of having demonstrated the Psycho Ronin Stance. At times we see Little Ronin brandishing a little sword.

Little Ronin once fought with his friends under the great (now Dead) Daimyo. Since he wants to avenge his master, he’s often planning to assasinate the Evil Shogun – who had a hand in making him Little Ronin.


5 Days and counting

May 28, 2007

Little Ronin will make his first official appearance here on 1 June 2007~!!

I’ll start off with introducing the characters one by one. Meanwhile there are so many things going on… firstly, I kinda forgot how Evil Shogun looks like. Secondly, I can’t magnify Big Samurai big enough.

But I’m still working on that so I hope I’ll get more time after the exams on wednesday.

This is really exciting!

Hello world!

May 21, 2007

‘Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!’ – it says.

I’ll just add on to it~ 🙂

Little Ronin and his friends have been in my head for awhile. He’s been on paper almost 8 years ago, and surprisingly still remains a dream to come online. Lil’ Ronin has been asking for his own blog really, and his creator has been looking for a suitable one too.

Lo and behold this shall be the space on the great cyberworld for the Adventures of Little Ronin! (and friends)